Talk on Self-control

On Saturday, May 28, 2022 at 17:00 WIB, Darmaria Study center held a talk with the theme "The Art of Self Control, The Ways to Become Your Own Master". The  talk that was delivered by Erna Erlanwaty was attended by a number of students and young professionald  via Zoom.

In the talk, which lasted approximately 1.5 hours, the speaker emphasized the importance of ability in self-control and self-control itself. Humans throughout their lives often fail to control themselves, when faced with comfort. Lack of self-control in fact, will actually harm the person in the end.

Erna gave an example of this impact in students and young professionals. "If students or young workers cannot be disciplined in carrying out their roles, then it will be a problem later," said the entrepreneur and president director of PT. This Self Help Trimitra.

In addition, self-control in processing emotions is equally important to master. The reason is, people who have difficulty controlling emotions, are easier to take spontaneous actions that end up with a regret. “Usually, when we are emotional, our words often hurt the other person. It's better, at that time we give a minute to "cool down". In addition, you can also try the mindfulness method with deep breathing techniques," she added.

People who are able to control themselves, are sure to be masters over themselves. Often, we fail in the struggle, but rest assured if the noble intentions continue to exist, then we will be enabled to win every battle.

Isn’t the talk interesting?